Repair Service Overview

OK, so you’re wondering how our little service works then, please read on…

  1. You tell us what iPod, iPhone or iPad you have and what you think is wrong with the little fella.
  2. You select how you are going to send us the iPod, iPhone or iPad and how you’d like us to return it.
  3. We provide you an upfront cost including VAT based on the information you have provided.

Once we receive your device if the fault you selected matches the actual diagnosis by one of our technicians we will repair it and return it to you, job done!

However, if the fault is different we will contact you via email and provide you with a revised quotation for the correct repair. You may either accept this or decline this revised quotation. If you decline you will be charged the handling fee displayed (£7.50) PLUS any shipping options you selected. Any additional money charged to your card will be refunded immediately.

How our pricing works

Our pricing is based on 2 sections of the service: -