This is Apple's iPad Air, launched in November 2013 it's the the fifth generation iPad.

Please note: We are unable to repair water damage on this model.

The pre-paid send in box is not available for this model.

iPad Air Repair

Select the fault(s), your desired shipping methods and the repair service level you require.

iPad Air Battery£40.00
Damaged or Scratched Glass / No Touch Function (iPad Air 1st Generation)£40.00
LCD Screen
Cracked LCD Screen / No Display / White Display / Screen Bleeding/ Line on Screen (iPad Air 1st Generation)£80.00
Damaged or Scratched Glass / No Touch Function/ Cracked LCD/ Lines on Screen/ Screen Bleeding (iPad Air 2nd Generation)£195.00

Comments about your repairIf your device is protected with a PIN and you can't remove it please provide it here so we can fully test your unit. If the PIN is not provided we may have to restore your device which would result in data loss.

How we will get your device This option is not availible for iPads.
Please note: our pre-paid box options are not available for Jersey and the Channel Islands.
How we will return your device
Not RequiredCustomer will arrange own collection from iPod Surgery£0.00
DHLRECOMMENDED SERVICE >> After the repair we will return your device to you via DHL (Courier). This delivery method is usually next Business Day and provides insurance of up to £500 in event of loss or damage. This option is not available for Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.£6.99
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